Plastic Surgery Confession: I Hide Botox Injections From My Husband

ABCNews recently ran this segment on Good Morning America featuring women who keep their Botox® from their husbands and have done so for a considerable amount of time.

I found this segment so interesting and somewhat funny because we have a great deal of patients that do the same. So what’s the problem with these husbands and why are they so against their wives getting botox if it makes them happy?

Morgen Schick, beauty and image consultant, says the only thing worse than aging is actually looking like you care about your aging. Many of the husbands felt the same way, according to their wives, and would tell them they were beautiful without it.

There seems to still be a stigma that anything related to plastic surgery will leave one looking like Joan Rivers. That is completely false but still hard for some people to believe. Botox works by paralyzing small muscles to prevent or treat frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines and not one of the husbands had even noticed when their wives were getting treatments.

Is it a sign of a bad relationship when the spouse doesn’t tell her husband about her botox injections for fear of being judged? A GMA psychologist points out that it’s a temporary, minor procedure and that individuals in all relationships have little secrets they keep to themselves. “It’s not a bad relationship just because you don’t share every little detail of your beauty routine.”

So when does it cross the line? She goes on to explain that if you and your spouse have an agreement that you are continually breaking or are spending money that’s out of the budget, then you have a problem.

We want to know…have you ever kept a secret from your spouse?

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