The Benefits of Chemical Peels


Reagan: Facials, serums, creams, peels. Oh, the great lengths we go for wonderful skin and today we are focusing on one that may sound a little bit scarier than it really is…chemical peels. Utah Esthetician, Sarah Olsen from Utah Facial Plastics, joins me now to dive into all the details. Good morning, Sarah.

Sarah: Good morning.

Reagan: I feel like you’ve just had a chemical peel because your skin looks glowing.

Sarah: Thanks.

Reagan: When people here about chemical peels sometimes I think they think, is that painful? Will that hurt?

Sarah: Right. People ask me that all the time. People tolerate them really well. Usually a mild peel feels more like a tingling, kind of, I don’t know… itchy sensation. Then as you get more aggressive it’s more like a sunburn. So, as you get higher it’s a little more uncomfortable but people tolerate them really well.

Reagan: Well there’s different levels of chemical peels, right?

Sarah: Yes. And how many layers we put on increases the strength too.

Reagan: Okay. So you think chemicals. But, these chemicals are safe to put on your face?

Sarah: Right. Yeah, when they are performed by a professional they’re completely safe and they’ve shown great results in improving acne, fine lines, pore size, texture, sun damage…

Reagan:Oh, so look at the before and afters we are showing here. That is a huge difference in her face!

Sarah: Yeah.

Reagan: How many treatments is this right here?

Sarah: This is probably a series. We recommend a series from anywhere from 3 to 6 treatments and they are going to be spaces about a month apart.

Reagan: Look at her skin! And it’s kind of like a spa treatment experience when it get it too, right?

Sarah: Yeah.

Reagan: How long is the recovery with each treatment?

Sarah: So it depends on the aggressiveness of the peel. Usually a mild peel is like 3-7 days of kind of some flaky, dry skin. And then as you get more aggressive it can be a week or more depending on your skin.

Reagan: And if I come in, you’ll say, “Okay, maybe we’ll do a bigger strength or a less strength.” You’ll assess my skin…

Sarah: Right.

Reagan: And we’ll talk about it so I know exactly what to expect.

Sarah: Yes.

Reagan: What do we think? How deep could we go?

Sarah: I say we could do a medium to aggressive.

Reagan: Medium to aggressive…lets get some of the wrinkles off…get some of the spots off!

Sarah: Yes.

Reagan: So, recovery time…you say around a week… maybe?

Sarah: Yeah, usually.

Reagan: It’s not that bad. But, what if somebody has to go to work in a couple of days? Can you do a lighter peel and get away with it?

Sarah: Yeah, perfect. So I like to start people off at a mild peel and then work them up to something more aggressive. It’s better on the skin and then people kind of know what to expect a little bit if we kind of do baby steps.

Reagan: How long does the treatment take when you go in there?

Sarah: It’ about 30 to 45 minutes.

Reagan: Okay, and after I get my peel when do I peel?

Sarah: Usually two days after…about 48 hours.

Reagan: Look at all the benefits! Exfoliation, smoother skin, tighter skin, brighter skin. And then… I think so many people have pigmentation issues. And then your tone, your texture… and then how often am I going back? If I got a peel, when’s the next time I’m coming back to get another one?

Sarah: So if you are doing a series we want you to do at least three and then you are going to come in every month for a treatment.

Reagan: Someone just told me, and I think it was probably at Utah Facial Plastics, that you should be doing something to your face every 4 to 6 weeks…whether it be a chemical peel or a Hydrafacial or something. You should really be…maintenance is a really big deal.

Sarah: Most people aren’t exfoliating enough at home and as we exfoliate…that’s when we see the changes in the skin.

Reagan: What’s my best way to exfoliate? Where am I going wrong?

Sarah: Your skin looks great.

Reagan: Thank you but what should I be doing to exfoliate?

Sarah: I feel like at home a nice exfoliator 2 to 3 times a week and then like you said, 4 to 6 weeks going in for kind of a deep clean, is the best way to go.

Reagan: Okay, so what should I do? I’m thinking I want to sign up right now to come in, get a consultation and do a chemical peel.

Sarah: So we always offer free skin consultations. And right now we are doing a special on our peels so buy 2, get 1 free.

Reagan: Oh my goodness…and all those benefits of the peel; looking younger, looking brighter, I just want my skin to look like yours. Really. For real. There’s Utah Facial Plastics phone number right there. That is the website if you want to log on and now is the time to do it. Sarah, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Sarah: Yeah, thank you for having me.

Call (801) 776-2220 or visit us HERE for more information on chemical peels in Utah.

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