Looking to plump your pout? If so, you’ve probably looked into lip fillers for augmentation. Lip filler is great but not always the best option for a fuller pout. There are other options to rejuvenate the lips and we happen to specialize in two of the most popular treatments, which include both lip filler and what is a called a “lip lift”.

What is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure that is done in-office under local anesthesia. A candidate that would benefit from this procedure is someone who has an elongated upper lip. An  elongated upper lip means that there is excess skin between the bottom of the nostrils and the upper lip. We sometimes see this is younger patients although it is more common among more mature patients. As a person ages, not only does collagen production decrease, causing their lip structure to change, but the upper lip starts to elongate. This feature can make someone look older than their true age. In individuals with an elongated upper lip, you typically cannot see their upper teeth a rest because the lip hangs lower, covering the upper teeth.

Adding lip filler to someone with an elongated upper lip will end up giving them an unwanted, overfilled look. There are many benefits from having a lip lift, but one is that it is a permanent solution.

Recovery and downtime after this procedure is very simple. Most patients experience bruising and swelling around the upper lip area and usually don’t need to take pain medication. Sutures are removed after just 5 days and once the incision heals, the scar is almost invisible.

Lip Filler

Lip filler is an awesome, life changing treatment if you are a good candidate and if you are injected by a qualified provider. A common misconception about lip filler is that is never looks natural. When in actuality, the augmented lips people really notice are the overfilled, unnatural lip augmentations. The good ones usually go unnoticed because they are so natural looking.

Unlike a lip lift, filler is not permanent. Depending on the product, most lip fillers last anywhere around 6-12 months. To keep up with the desired result, it’s important to be consistent with touch up treatments.

Lip filler is a very quick in-office treatment that requires no down time, although it is normal to have swelling and bruising the first 3-7 days.

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