What To Expect with Neck Liposuction

Neck liposuction, or submental liposuction, is a popular procedure for individuals concerned with excess neck fat, otherwise known as a “double chin”. Excess fat in this area is often congenital and not due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Liposuction under the chin and along the upper neck creates a stronger, more defined neck and jawline.

Neck liposuction may be performed as a stand alone procedure in the office with local anesthetic or in combination with an additional procedure. Common additional surgeries performed with neck liposuction include chin implant surgery, for additional structure, or facelift surgery to treat excess lower face and neck laxity. If performed in conjunction with facelift surgery, general anesthesia is required.

Benefits of neck liposuction:

    • Removes excess fat
    • Improves jawline contour and definition
    • Improves chin and neck contrast
    • Safe and effective
    • Long lasting results

How is neck liposuction performed?

As mentioned above, this procedure is commonly performed as an in-office procedure under local anesthesia. When combined with other procedures, it is performed in the operating room under deep sedation. This procedure requires three small incisions where the metal cannula under suction is placed, removing excessive fat. There is one incision placed under the chin, and one behind each ear. Once the appropriate amount of fat is removed, our surgeons use fine sutures to close the incisions. Once healed, these incisions are almost invisible.

During the recovery period, patients can expect a cotton dressing to be placed and removed after 24 hours. Sutures are removed 3-4 days after surgery. A head wrap is given to wear for 5 days straight and then just a night for another 7. Minimal swelling and bruising is typical and resolves within one to two weeks, depending on the patient. After the first week, light activity is recommended and by three weeks full activity can be resumed.

During your consultation, your provider will discuss whether you are an appropriate candidate for surgical or non-surgical neck intervention. In some cases, a treatment or two of Kybella injections may be recommended to help “clean” things up and completely remove all those fat cells. Kybella is a fat-blasting injectable that is used under chin to non-surgically contour the neck and jawline.

To learn more about neck liposuction in Layton and Draper, Utah, please call (801)776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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