Three Common Problems of Aging Eyes and How to Fix Them

istock 1272756549Our eyes play a critical role in our connection to the people with whom we interact. Due to the thinness of the skin around the eyes, though, this area of the face is often the first to show the signs of aging. While many of our patients undergo blepharoplasty to rejuvenate their eyes, there are other options. Which is best depends on the problem you wish to correct. Here, we discuss three of the most common signs of aging eyes and what to do about them. 

Under Eye Bags

The lower eyelids hold fatty deposits in place to protect the eyes and present a rested appearance. With age, as the skin and superficial muscle lose firmness, these fat pads can start to protrude. Under eye bags are a common problem that can be fixed with lower blepharoplasty. However, if that is not your ideal option, you may achieve significant but temporary improvement with dermal fillers. This treatment process takes only a few minutes, offers immediate results, and needs no downtime. 

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are a type of dynamic wrinkling that develops over time. Whenever we squint, laugh, or smile, the skin at the outer corners of the eyes bunches up. When the skin has plenty of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, these wrinkles disappear as the face goes back to a resting position. With age and the loss of these vital chemicals, the wrinkles become permanent. For some people, a brow lift may be the right solution for sagging skin at the outer corners of the eyes. The nonsurgical solution may be Botox or another neuromodulator, like Dysport. Injections into the superficial muscle relax it and allow the skin to smooth. 

Descending Brows

Youthful eyes are framed by eyebrows that sit at the upper orbital rim. This is the bony structure that surrounds the upper eye area. With age, the brows can descend downward, causing the upper eyelids to look heavy and the face to look serious or even sad or angry. Yes, a brow lift can reposition tissue as needed to recreate a youthful appearance. An alternative is to inject the forehead muscles with Botox or Dysport to prevent them from pulling down on the brows. Like dermal fillers, the results of this treatment are temporary but can be touched up as often as every 3 months. 

Injectable treatments are a go-to for many adults. To explore your treatment options for eyelid rejuvenation, contact us for an appointment with one of our physicians or experienced nurse injectors. 

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