Hottest Medical Spa Treatments in 2021

With an ever-evolving industry, skin care and aging procedures are becoming more popular. From maintenance, non-invasive, to more invasive treatments… there is something for everyone. This last year has brought a lot of stress upon us all and some well-deserved self-care could be just what you need. Whether it be a relaxing facial to wrinkle or spot reducing treatments, technology continues to advance and the latest options for rejuvenation are at your finger tips.


Ranked as one of the top facials by Elle magazine in 2021, Hydrafacial is not like your regular facial. Unlike traditional facials, Hydrafacial provides effective results similar to microdermabrasion and light chemical peeling, without the downtime and instant glow effect. The 5 steps include cleansing and exfoliation, gentle chemical peeling, extractions, customizer serum treatment, and antioxidant infusion.
It is the perfect option for continued maintenance for men and women, and even young teens experiencing acne or early signs of photo damage.  Extra additives are available such as LED light, eye and lip perk treatments for the final touch.

Injectables: Botox and Filler

botox and filler before and after

Botox and Filler have been well known treatments for a long time. As time has gone on, more areas have been FDA approved for treatment, new products have been released, and advanced techniques continue to show through. Whether it be moving forehead lines, volume loss in the cheeks, or the want to enhance an area such as the lips, injectables serve many purposes.  The newly popular lip flip only requires 2-6 units to help flip the upper lip up to appear fuller. A liquid facelift is achieved with Botox and several fillers to soften lines, enhance and volumize features, along with lifting areas that have been effected by early signs of aging. Injectables can be customized to each individual which is what makes them so great!

Chemical Peels

chemical peel results

All chemical peels are not created equal. There can be some hesitation to this treatment simply because of the name or maybe you saw the infamous episode on “Sex In The City” where Samantha had that crazy red face following her peel. Chemical peels are great for improving tone, texture and even acne. They are customized to reduce discoloration, fine lines from photo damage, or to help a person who suffers from constant clogged pores due to acne. An acid is applied to the skin, treating underlying cell damage, causing the skin to turnover and bring out new skin. Some chemical peels can be very uncomfortable but can provide great results. A favorite of ours is the VI Peel. It can be customized toward individual skin concerns while providing effective results. The great thing about this peel is that it is very comfortable to receive, making it easy for the patient to come back and be treated again.


IPL results

Photo or sun damage is highly inevitable living on planet earth and eventually will show through in the skin. Redness, spots, and undesirable skin texture are effects that will continue to get worse as we age. Fortunately IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light) or BBL ( Broad Band Light) are light based treatments that are available and used to reverse damage and reduce discoloration in the skin for a more even tone. Initially it will make spots darker, but they will lift to the surface and slough off. It can take several treatments to improve spots and is best to do in the off summer seasons but is well worth it. Body areas can even be treated for an overall more youthful appearance.

Laser Resurfacing

halo laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing has been around for years. Traditional CO2 resurfacing was aggressive and effective for lines and texture but had the probability of lifting pigment completely from the skin. Today’s lasers are much safer, while still providing effective results.  Sciton’s JOULE ™ has several modalities for any skin concerns, including Halo the first hybrid laser that is non-ablative and ablative, making is more customizable towards skin types and needs. Halo gives patients the results they are looking for, minimizing the downtime compared to other resurfacing modalities.  Contour TRL ® and NanoLaser Peel™ are other great options for resurfacing. A consultation is needed to discuss goals and desired downtime for the best experience.

Medical spa treatments are the best route when you are looking for results. They are more effective than traditional spa treatments and overseen by medical professionals.  Utah Facial Plastics medical staff is available for complimentary consultations to discuss your skin issues and goals if you are unsure about what you want or need. It is best to have an in-depth conversation about your concerns and expectations so that you are more educated and understand as you proceed on a skin care path.

We offer some of the latest advances in medical spa treatments so that we are able to provide safe and effective results. If you are looking into skin rejuvenating procedures and want to learn more, contact our office or call Utah Facial Plastics in Layton or Draper, UT at 801-776-2220.


Stay tuned for the event launch of our Scition laser resurfacing treatments in September of 2021.

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