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For decades, adults have relied on skilled plastic surgeons to help them meet their aesthetic goal of looking younger. For some time, the outcome of surgical facial rejuvenation was somewhat lacking in the au naturale department. This led to an increasingly higher demand for nonsurgical options. While plastic surgery like blepharoplasty and facelifts can be very effective at creating a younger appearance (and are sometimes the best option), we know our patients want alternatives that can achieve good results without the risks and downtime of surgery. We’ve got them, and will discuss a few here. 

AccuTite Tissue Remodeling

We are excited to offer AccuTite to address several common cosmetic concerns. AccuTite is an innovative radiofrequency device that achieves more dramatic and long-lasting results using a cutting-edge delivery system. To stimulate profound tissue remodeling, the AccuTite applicator is inserted beneath the skin. This is done through a tiny puncture and appropriate anesthetic. Patients are awake but not in pain. Parallel to the internal applicator is a second arm that passes over the skin. The two arms send RF energy in between them to target tissue from both sides. Common areas of treatment include the brows, lower eyelids, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and the neck. 

FaceTite Tissue Remodeling

FaceTite is a sister procedure to AccuTite. It uses the same energy and delivery technique, addresses lax, loose tissue via a larger applicator. To stimulate tissue contraction, the doctor inserts the internal electrode through a nick in the skin. Attached but resting on the top of the skin, the second arm of the applicator delivers radiofrequency inward while the same energy is moving outward from the internal electrode. FaceTite is often used to tighten skin on the cheeks, chin, jowls, and neck.

Non-Surgical Injectable Facial Rejuvenation

We’ve used soft tissue fillers for many years to fill in creases and restore volume to areas like the cheeks and lips. The non-surgical facelift or “liquid facelift”  involves clinically proven dermal fillers but uses them in a 3-dimensional approach that achieves more significant facial contouring. During the Liquid Facelift, the doctor is precise in the placement of specific injectables designed for targeted areas of the face. The primary products used are Juvederm XC and Voluma. These fillers are ideal because they are used to define and create structure, allowing them to  remodel the face into a more youthful V-shape.

Facial rejuvenation is in demand and we have options that have been selected based on proven results. To explore your options for a younger-looking face, schedule a visit to our Layton or Draper office. Contact us at 801.776.2220.

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