What Are The Best Procedures For Neck Tightening?

As we age and begin to notice particular areas affected by the aging process, many of us are considering an array of treatments to restore a more youthful look, and one of the most common areas of concern is the neck. Whether you are interested in treating skin laxity (sagging skin) or improving overall definition in the neck and under-chin area, there are several advanced procedures available to address these concerns and deliver significant improvements.

Deep Plane Facelift

While a Facelift certainly addresses the face and jowls, it also provides substantial improvement in the tightening of the neck. A deep plane facelift is the surest way to address the face and neck as one unit to achieve the most natural result when experiencing moderate signs of aging. In this procedure, incisions are disguised in the natural folds around the ears and the hairline onto the sides of the neck. Skin placement is revised and excess skin is surgically removed, resulting in a tighter and more defined appearance. Downtime may vary, but most patients can expect to be back to their normal routine within 3-4 weeks and will continue to see improvements over the course of about 6 months. While a Full Facelift may be considered more invasive than other procedures, the results are highly effective in achieving a more youthful appearance and a tighter neck. The majority of Utah Facial Plastics patient report little to no pain with this procedure.

Direct Neck Lift

Unlike the Facelift, a Direct Neck Lift focuses solely on the neck and is designed to treat loose or sagging skin. UFP doctors primarily do this procedure on older patients, mostly men, who solely want to address a turkey neck and can disguise the scar within facial hair.  The procedure consists of an incision that is made in the central neck area below the chin, before excess skin is advanced forward and surgically removed. While the incision site is not as easily disguised as that of a Facelift because of its location, our surgeons are able to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result with minimal scarring by using advanced techniques that are catered to each patient individually. Downtime for a Direct Neck Lift consists of about 1-2 weeks and patients can expect to see improvement in results over 2-3 months.

Deep Neck Contouring

For patients interested in targeting excess fat and improving overall definition of the neck, Deep Neck Contouring is an excellent option for neck tightening. This procedure is best for younger patients or those who don’t have a lot of extra skin.  The techniques used in this procedure are uniquely catered to each patient, targeting both submental fat (double chin) as well as excess fat located under the muscle that cannot be reached by liposuction alone. Incision sites are small and hidden beneath the chin and in the creases behind the earlobes, resulting in minimal and unnoticeable scarring. Skin elasticity plays an important role in the healing process, making this procedure best for patients around the age of 40 or younger. Downtime for this procedure is about 2 weeks and the outcome is an aesthetically pleasing, slimmer contour of the neck and under-chin area that continues to improve in the 2-3 months following the procedure.

Neck contouring patient of Dr. Manning with Utah Facial Plastics

Submental Liposuction

Submental Liposuction is designed to target unwanted fat below the chin, commonly known as the “double chin”. A series of small incisions are made under the chin and along the jawline before a thin suction device is used to target and remove excess fat, creating a smooth and slimmer contour under the chin. This procedure is commonly combined with a chin implant for patients looking to achieve better structure and chin projection, or with a facelift for those patients wanting to target sagging skin. Like with Deep Neck Contouring, good skin elasticity is a requirement and an important factor in achieving a successful, aesthetically pleasing result. Patients are generally able to return to their normal routine within 1 week and will continue to see improved results over 2-3 months.

Kybella and Facetite

There are non-surgical options available to improve the appearance of the neck, including an injectable treatment called Kybella. Using a synthetic deoxycholic acid to break down and destroy excess fat under the chin, Kybella is administered by our team of highly trained Nurse Injectors by making a series of injections to the area of concern, the “double chin”. The result is a noticeable reduction of fullness under the chin due to the breakdown of fat cells which will no longer have the ability to store or accumulate fat.

Another non-surgical option for skin tightening is FaceTite, a minimally invasive procedure performed by our surgeons that liquifies fat cells, triggers collagen production and uses radiofrequency to tighten and firm the skin. FaceTite is commonly performed alongside liposuction to remove fat and tighten skin in the lower half of the face and neck to restore a youthful appearance, with a general downtime of only 4-5 days.

Whether you are considering surgical or non-surgical options for Neck Tightening, it is imperative to choose a quality provider and face specialist. Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing outstanding results and the highest caliber of safety for each of our patients. To learn more about our Neck Tightening procedures or to schedule a consultation with one of our highly acclaimed facial plastic surgeons or nurse injectors, please call our office at 801-960-3137 or visit our website at www.utahfacialplastics.com. Utah Facial Plastics has locations in Layton and Draper, Utah.

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