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MACSlift Recovery Process

The MACSlift, also known as a “mini lift” is a great surgical option for patients who need less downtime or for those who aren’t quite ready for the full facelift. This surgery is performed multiple times each week by both Drs. Scott Thompson and Douglas Henstrom. The following photos were submitted to us by one… Read More »

Facelift Recovery Photos from Utah Facial Plastics

52 year-old female patient undergoes facelift surgery with Dr. Scott Thompson of Utah Facial Plastics and documents her process with facelift recovery photos from start to finish. See her from the night before her facelift to her finished results 3 months after surgery at Utah Facial Plastics. She has been so happy with her results… Read More »

MACS Facelift Patient Review from Utah Facial Plastics

Both Dr. Thompson and Dr. Henstrom of Utah Facial Plastics perform facelift and MACSlift (mini facelift) procedures often with great results. MACSlift procedures are done in-office under local anesthetic and involve less incisions than a traditional facelift. The recovery time is shorter as well at about 2 weeks on average. Pain is minimal but there… Read More »

Facelift Surgery Recovery – What To Expect

Dr. Thompson performs an average of two facelift surgeries per week as a top facelift specialist in Utah. The first question many patients have is about facelift surgery recovery, how long it will last and what to expect. It’s important for all facelift patients to understand what is involved so they are prepared as it… Read More »

How Long is the Recovery from Facelift Surgery?

Most patients seeking facial rejuvenation are looking for a cosmetic procedure that will give them amazing results with no downtime. For mild aging concerns, there are many great options available that involve little to no downtime. But for moderate to more involved aging concerns, long-term results typically cannot be achieved without a certain amount of time for recovery.… Read More »

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