Botox and Filler Risks Complications – KSL Utah Interview

KSL 5 News reports on the risks and complications that can occur with Botox and filler injections when not performed by an experienced, credentialed provider.

Cosmetic fillers are a hot trend gaining traction here in Utah. But before you trust your face to the needle, health experts are warning do your homework.

Dave, there are some big risks and not everyone gets the payoff they were hoping for. News specialist, Ashley Kewish, finds the consequences.

Whatever the reason, whatever the risk, women are lining up. Whether to smooth wrinkles, dissolve a double chin, or build a stronger jawline.

Injectable medicine is really exploding in popularity. That may be an understatement. Dr. Scott Thompson is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. At two locations, his group sees about 150 patients per week just for injectables.

What to Know About Fillers and Associated Risks

If you are feeling the need for some filler, there are some things you need to know. Procedures really need to be injected by a physician or under the guise of another physicians practice.

That wasn’t the case for this local woman. She got filler done at a friends house and received a serious infection. And this woman, she wanted a prettier pout but instead walked away with a lopsided lip.

Botox Risks

As for Botox, I’ve seen some really problematic situations where someone had a facial nerve problem. For example, you could get a droopy eyelid and not be able to open one eye.

According to dr. Thompson, risks increase with the use of semi-permanent fillers like Bellafill and Sculptra. Less risky options with Juvederm and Restylane. They are made up of more natural components and cannot be reversed. And even though Dr. Thompson is one of only about 8 board-certified facial plastic surgeons in the state, he says even for him it’s not a home run every time.

It’s not as if every time there’s an injection, it’s perfect. Sometimes there are complications. Dr. Thompson says anyone doing good work should want to give you as much supporting evidence as possible. But Dr. Thompson warns not to take advertisements at face value.

Those are very appealing and attractive and they put a picture of a beautiful woman on and you think you should go there.

So whatever the reason, whatever the risk, women are still lining up. Ultimately, you are responsible for how you turn out.

Any physician can really do whatever they want but it’s the responsibility of the consumer or patient to do the research.

Ashley Kewish from KSL 5 news.

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