How long do nose fillers last?

A non-surgical rhinoplasty is a great options for many of our patients. This is because the outcome is temporary, less expensive, and much less invasive than a rhinoplasty. Nose filler is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment since everyone has a different nose and different results that are seeking.  At Utah Facial Plastics, our goal is to give each patient the best, most natural-looking results possible. This means that for some patients, the best way to achieve their desired outcome is with surgery. It’s best to come in for a consultation to determine which option, if any, is right for you.

We typically use Juvederm, a hyaluronic acid filler that is used in many areas of the face. Juvederm attracts water and also helps stimulate collagen with each treatment. When Juvederm is injected into the nose, the results can be seen immediately after treatment. The filler is used to sculpt the nose by adding volume to the bridge, nasal tip or to even-out irregularities. If someone is wanting a much smaller nose or has an extreme bump, surgery is most likely a better option for them.

We usually recommend 2-3 touch-up appointments until optimal results are achieved and the patient is happy. We add the filler to the nose slowly since it is much easier to add filler than to take it away. Once the patient reaches their desired look, the filler last approximately 6-9 months. Over time, the body metabolizes the hyaluronic acid naturally. Since our bodies metabolize the filler, most patients come in every 6-12 months for touch ups to keep their non-surgical rhinoplasty looking its best. Liquid rhinoplasties provide instant results and are very easy to tolerate. It is important to see an experienced injector as serious vascular complications are possible.

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