When Lip Filler Goes Bad: Can You Dissolve Lip Filler?

Lip Filler has been among the most popular injectable treatments for many years. As we have continued to watch this phenomenon explode over social media, television, or amongst our own friends and family, many of us have likely heard stories about filler going bad or being too much (think celebrities like Kylie Jenner or Courtney Cox). When this happens, it is a red flag for many to never have fillers done. If it does go bad or is just an undesirable result, can filler be reversed? Fortunately, yes it can! For some, the decision to dissolve may be due to a less-than-desirable result like lumps, bumps, or looking over-filled. For others it may just be a change of personal preference. Regardless of the reason, having your lip filler dissolved is an option that we should all be aware of when considering this pout-enhancing treatment.

What are dermal fillers made for?

At Utah Facial Plastics & UFP Aesthetics, the lip fillers we use are made of hyaluronic acid. These HA fillers are naturally broken down and metabolized by the body over time, however this is a very slow process that can take place over several months or even years. We believe HA dermal fillers to be a better option than permanent fillers for several reasons, one of them being the fact that they are reversable. While permanent fillers may initially look great, over time the face will age and the filler will remain fixed, resulting in an unnatural and unflattering appearance that can only be addressed surgically, if at all. Having filler done by an experienced injector is a big way to avoid Botox or filler complications, but sometimes thing happen that are uncontrollable. There are several reasons, and an injector might suggest dissolving filler. It can be overdone, lumpy, or migrate past the lip borders. Often times an individual will want more filler to even it out or make it look better, but this is usually not the right answer and filler should be dissolved and reinjected at more of a baseline.

What is filler migration?

Filler migration is the movement of filler from its injection site, or where it is supposed to be, to another area of the body. While considered uncommon (especially when administered by a qualified injector), migration is something that can happen for a few reasons. In cases where more filler is injected than the lips can handle, whether this is done in one treatment or multiple treatments over time, the filler can end up migrating in another direction, creating an undesirable look. Receiving back-to-back treatments of lip filler without allowing enough time for the filler to settle is another cause of migration, as well as improper aftercare such as excessive massaging. For these reasons, it is important to stick with a quality injector on your journey to achieving your perfect pout.

Lip Filler Correction by UFP Injector Jeanna Wilkerson
Lip Filler Correction by UFP Injector Jeanna Wilkerson

What is used to dissolve lip filler?

The agent we use to dissolve lip filler is called Hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid in the body. Hyaluronidase acts quickly and goes to work immediately after being injected into the lips for the purpose of dissolving. This “quick fix” is commonly used to address unwanted lumps or unevenness as a result of improperly placed filler as well as for lips that have been overfilled. It is not uncommon for us to see patients who have received several treatments of lip filler over time and have reached a place where they are no longer happy with the shape or have begun to experience migration. In this case it is important, and necessary, to dissolve the existing filler and start fresh before going any further. It should be noted that Hyaluronidase is also used in emergency situations where filler has been inadvertently injected into an artery, causing what is called an occlusion.

Why Choose Lip Filler?

The importance of understanding how and why filler is dissolved should not hinder us from getting lip filler, rather it should help to put us in a position where we can go about our injectable journey with confidence and knowledge. Fortunately, there is a solution if dermal fillers are undesirable or complications occur.  Lip filler can be an exciting and powerful way to boost our self-confidence, as well as a completely safe way to achieve a particular look for ourselves that we have always envisioned. At Utah Facial Plastics & UFP Aesthetics, our qualified team of facial plastic surgeons and nurse injectors are passionate about achieving the best possible outcomes for our patients. If you are interested in learning more about lip injections and what they can do for you, schedule a consultation by visiting our website or calling 801-776-2220.

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