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“Designer Injectables & Skin Rejuvenation” Seminar Offered by Dr. Scott Thompson of Utah Facial Plastics

Press Release 10/230/15, Salt Lake City, Utah; Dr. Scott Thompson of Utah Facial Plastics is excited to offer an educational seminar on the latest designer injectables and discuss the benefits of Skin Rejuvenation. On November 5th, Dr. Scott Thompson, prominent facial plastic surgeon in Utah, will present a seminar on the various designer injectables available for non-surgical… Read More »

Patients Give Juvederm Voluma High Ratings

A recent study was conducted on patient satisfaction following treatment Juvederm Voluma XC, a popular hyaluronic acid filler used to correct age-related midface volume deficit. The study was headed by Julius Few, MD at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and involved 235 patients with moderate to severe age-related midface volume deficit (MVD).… Read More »

Non-Surgical Cheek Lift from Utah Facial Plastics

Unfortunately, over time we tend to lose volume in the mid-face as part of the aging process. This can often lead to more prominent nasolabial folds – smile lines around the mouth – as well as jowling. Some patients even experience hollowing under the eyes as well. All these signs of aging can leave one… Read More »

Top Plastic Surgery Trends in 2015

  We just returned from an amazing week at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conference and there were some clear top plastic surgery trends this year. You can expect some exciting new products and treatments, advances in current procedures, and new ways of connecting with your favorite plastic surgeon. Transgender Procedures It should come as no… Read More »

Do Facial Exercises Reduce Skin Sagging?

  Do facial exercises reduce skin sagging? It’s a common question and the answer is yes.  But before you start working out that face, listen up. The muscles in the face can increase in size with exercise just as any muscle in body can. By adding volume that naturally decreases with aging, you can expect less… Read More »

Dermal Fillers Quick Reference Guide

Dermal fillers are incredibly popular as they typically offer instant results with little to no downtime. With so many options available today, it’s hard to know what the difference is and which option is right for you. We definitely recommend meeting with an experienced facial plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Thompson, to determine what dermal… Read More »

Restore Facial Volume with Juvederm Voluma XC

Dr. Thompson has been injecting patients with Juvederm Voluma XC for over a year now with great results and patient satisfaction. Voluma XC is the first injectable dermal filler specifically designed for the mid-face to correct age-related loss of facial volume for patients over the age of 21. As part of the aging process, volume… Read More »

How To Look And Feel Younger Without Going Under The Knife

As we age, we are often finding ourselves looking for the fountain of youth. Although there is no “magic” pill out there, we have many options to slow down aging and even take off 10-15 years. I don’t think anyone actually wants to go under the knife, but lets face it- sometimes that is the… Read More »

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