Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift Options

Our eyes are typically the first thing people notice upon meeting. Unfortunately, our eyes cannot only give away our age, but can actually make us look even older than we really are. Botox and fillers are great to pre-juvenate, but age creeps up and sometimes injectables just no longer do the trick for crepey, tired eyes. Fortunately, there are other great non-surgical options for individuals needing more than an injectable but don’t have the time to undergo and recover from surgery. Here are two popular in-office non-surgical eyelid lift options available at Utah Facial Plastics.

Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Our fractional CO2 laser is a more invasive laser resurfacing treatment that is done by both of our Utah facial plastic surgeons, Drs. Thompson and Henstrom. The CO2 laser treats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lax skin, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Treating the periorbital (around the eyes) area with our CO2 laser is a very popular. This ablative laser causes trauma to the skin which induces the bodies repair response to induce collagen and elastin stimulation to repair the skin. The downtime following a CO2 laser treatment is approximately 7-10 days, in which most patients experience redness, swelling and flaky skin. Once healed, the skin is tighter and more refreshed. Results continue to improve for 3-6 months following treatment.


AccuTite by InMode uses the most advanced radio frequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL). AccuTite is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment with little to no down time. This treatment is also approved by the FDA and is completely safe when performed by an experienced and well-trained surgeon.

This non-surgical eyelid lift option works on different angles around the eyes, making it very customizeable to each patient. If your brows are sagging, your upper eyelids may also look saggy and feel somewhat heavy. AccuTite can lift the brow to help with upper eyelid sagging as well. The upper and lower periorbital area can also be treated by AccuTite, which works under and on top of the skin, liquefying fat cells and tightening your skin.

This advanced treatment is perfect for patients who do not need surgery or who aren’t ready to surgically correct the problem. While there is little-to-no down time with this treatment, the results do take time. You can expect tight, smoother skin the continues to improve up to 6 months after treatment. On the flip side, the results are permanent!

To learn more about either of these non-surgical eyelid lift options, please call (801) 776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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