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Plastic Surgery to Look Less Tired Reported Trend of 2016

We hear it all that time at Utah Facial Plastics…patients often turn to facial plastic surgery to look less tired and rightfully so. Under-eye bags and excess upper lid skin can make one look more tired and aged than they actually. A new study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS)… Read More »

Top Cosmetic Procedures for Men at Utah Facial Plastics

Dr. Scott Thompson of Utah Facial Plastics visits Good Things Utah to discuss the top cosmetic procedures for men  Brian Carlson: If you’ve ever considered cosmetic surgery, or the if the guy in your life has considered plastic surgery, Dr. Thompson is here to talk to us about the top cosmetic procedures for men. The… Read More »

Male Facelift Testimonial from Utah Facial Plastics

Meet David, male facelift patient of Dr. Scott Thompson, Utah Facial Plastic Surgeon “I was a chiropractor for a number of years and retired in 2012. I wanted to have some things going on differently with my face. I had a lot of droopiness in the eyelids and had, probably through genetics, quite a bit… Read More »

What Is A Lower Lid Skin Pinch?

The lower eyelids are a common area of concern patients seek treatment for as excess skin and/or fat can make one look older or more tired than they actually are. There are numerous surgical and non-surgical options for this area depending on ones facial anatomy and goal for outcome. Crepe-iness and excess skin can begin… Read More »

Lower Eyelid Surgery With Fat Repositioning

The lower eyelids are one of the first areas of the face to start showing signs of aging. The eyelid skin is extremely thin and fragile making it more susceptible to genetics, gravity, and sun damage. Overtime, signs of aging result in hollowing under the eyes and often bulging bags of fat. The cheeks also… Read More »

Eyelid Surgery for A Tired Appearance

The eyes are a dominant feature in the face and are typically the first thing people notice upon contact. Overtime, the eyes can begin to appear fatiqued with puffiness and skin laxity though one may feel completely healthy and energized inside. Due to ones genetics, liftstyle, and skincare regimen, a fatigued appearance may be more… Read More »

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