Lip Enhancement Options – Surgical and Non-Surgical

If you are someone who is interested in lip enhancement, we have multiple options ranging from surgical to non-surgical. At Utah Facial Plastics our dual board-certified facial plastic surgeons focus on surgical procedures from the neck up, making them experts in facial rejuvenation. We also have some of the best nurse injectors in Utah who perform non-surgical lip enhancement treatments everyday. Whether you are looking to plump your lips or diminish fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, we have the lip improvement options for you.

Non-Surgical Lip Enhancement Options

1. Lip Filler in Utah

Lip filler is one of our most sought-after lip enhancement options. Filler can be used to augment and enhance the lips to give them a fuller, softer appearance. It can also be used to soften lines in the lips and around the lips. As we age, we lose volume and filler can be used to replace some of that lost volume to restore the look you once had. If you are afraid of your lips looking “unnatural”, no need to worry.

Lip filler is 100 percent customized to each patient and can look extremely natural. Our injectors want to provide natural and safe results. Lip filler can look completely natural when done by an experienced injector.

2. Botox Lip Flip

Another non-surgical lip enhancement option is called a lip flip that is achieved with a small amount of Botox. A candidate for a lip flip is someone who has an already full lip or would like the appearance of a fuller lip without filler. With a lip flip, Botox is injected in small amounts just above the lip to relax the muscle which causes the upper lip to flip slightly upward. It is less invasive, much less expensive than filler, and very subtle. Some patients don’t love the way it feels to purse their lips after, but it is such a small amount it is usually very tolerable.

Surgical Lip Enhancement Options

1. Lip Lift

A lip lift is another lip treatment that is becoming popular.  As we age, the area between the lips and the nose can become elongated, or someone might have this concern their whole life. When this area is longer it can cause the upper lip to be less visible and cover the teeth, making the individual appear older. A surgery can be done to reduce this area improving the fullness of the upper lip area as well as an overall improvement to facial aesthetics.

If the upper lip is elongated, adding filler often ends up giving the patient an unwanted, overfilled look. A lip lift is a permanent solution and the recovery and downtime after this procedure is very simple. This procedure is often done in conjunction with a facelift for overall facelift rejuvenation.

2. Dermabrasion

Peri-oral dermabrasion is a slightly more invasive option because our surgeons are able to go deeper into the skin with an ablative device. Dermabrasion is a permanent solution to soften moderate to severe lines and wrinkles around the mouth that cannot be fully addressed with filler or even a facelift. This procedure can be done under local anesthetic in our Draper or Layton office as well as under general anesthesia.

The skin around the mouth is initially quite raw following surgery and does need to be kept moist and protected with prescription cream for approximately 7-10 days. The new skin is pink, which gradually fades over a 4 week to 3 month period and needs to be well protected with SPF. Make-up may be used to cover the pink area while recovering. During the healing process, more collagen is produced in the skin which leads to benefits that become more apparent over time.

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