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Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is a method for diminishing the appearance of imperfections on the skin’s surface. It has recently been voted the #1 anti-aging breakthrough in the last decade according to WebMD.

Our surgeons use Sandstone Medical’s revolutionary Fractional CO2 laser to treat a number of skin conditions, including wrinkles, scars, pigmentation and uneven skintone. With this new application technique, powerful results are achieved without the harsh side effects of traditional laser resurfacing. The complication rate is considerably low with a shorter length of downtime.

The Sandstone Medical Fractional CO2 laser optimizes traditional CO2 laser treatments by introducing MicroAblative Columns into the tissue while preserving untreated skin in-between spots. This promotes long-term collagen remodeling while offering the patient comfort level and convenience that approaches non-ablative resurfacing.

Frequently Asked Questions

An ideal candidate for Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment is an adult male or female with skin concerns such as acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone, and/or dull skin. A Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment is best for those wishing to get the most results with one treatment versus a series of skin treatments through chemical peels or other skin resurfacing methods.

Patients with certain skin types, skin tones, and medical conditions may not be good candidates for this procedure and your physician will make alternative recommendations at the time of consultation.

Drs. Scott Thompson and Douglas Henstrom, double board certified facial plastic surgeons in Utah, have extensive experience in skin resurfacing. During your consultation, your doctor will discuss your concerns as well as your goals and motivations for treatment. an exam and review of your current and previous health history will also take place.

They will then examine your skin, assess the quality of skin tone, and make recommendations he feels will help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Your provider will discuss the procedure(s) he recommends and give information on where incisions will be placed, possible risks and complications, and make any other recommendations, such as skincare choices, that may enhance your overall outcome.

We will then provide you with all the financial details on any procedure discussed at your consultation and give financing options if applicable. She can also provide additional resources, such as before and after photos, articles, educational videos, etc.

Numbing is applied prior for minimal discomfort during the short 30 minute procedure. Dr. Thompson or Dr. Henstrom then make passes with the laser on the face while his assistant cools the face with the lasers cooling tip that protects the epidermis of the skin before, during, and after the procedure. When the final cooling phase is complete, patients are free to go and it’s recommended they have a ride home.

The laser uses small columns of fractionated energy to ablate areas of damage. Tiny wounds are created which causes the surrounding healthy skin to go into the healing process, making new collagen and elastin. This healing process results in reduced age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and acne scarring. It also brightens the skin and evens overall skin tone. This treatment is highly popular for the face, neck, chest and hands.

There is no downtime but it is normal for the skin to feel sunburned for the first few hours following the laser treatment. Over the next 7-10 days, the damaged outer layers of the skin will essentially slough off so it’s best not to undergo this procedure right before an important event or social outing. It’s also important during that time to avoid the sun and cover up if traveling outdoors for brief periods of time.

Alastin products are given to use post-operatively to enhance overall results and maximize healing. Instructions will be included and described at a pre-operative appointment prior to treatment.

After the damaged skin sloughs off, the new fresh skin will appear and is tighter and smoother than before. Lines are softened and sun damage diminished resulting in more even skin tone. It’s important to be vigilant in proper skincare and sunscreen use to maintain the results achieved with the CO2 laser resurfacing treatment. Results can last up to 10 years with 1-2 treatments required depending on the patient.

The cost for Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing can vary but is typically $2750 for one treatment. This includes an Alastin Invasive Procedure Enhancement system. This post procedure system includes a gentle cleanser, regenerating skin nectar, moisturizer, soothe and protect recovery balm, and a broad-spectrum sunscreen. This kit is designed to enhance results pre and post treatment, as well as making the recovery process more comfortable. You can learn more about these products at www.alastin.com.

At Utah Facial Plastics, we offer many skin resurfacing treatments including chemical peels, Morpheus 8, Venus  Viva, Nano laser peel, Contour TRL, and Halo. We have several options for skin resurfacing from light to deep, depending on each individuals concerns, outcome desired, and downtime. Visit our Skin Treatments and Laser Procedures  to review other options if less downtime is needed.


Which one is right for you will vary depending on your needs and concerns that you can discuss with Dr. Thompson or Dr. Henstrom at your complimentary consultation. Together you will come up with the best plan possible to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.


“I visited with Dr. Thompson twice prior to making my decision to be certain. Dr. Thompson explained everything in detail during the procedure, he asked me how I was handling the laser, if I was feeling okay and his staff explained my after care and were always very willing to answer all my questions and assure me that my post laser experiences were normal. I have complete confidence in Dr. Thompson and his staff, as well as the utmost trust. I can’t be happier with a doctor than I am with Dr. Thompson.” ~ AR

“After my CO2 I always get compliments on my skin and people don’t believe my age:)” ~ BB

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