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What To Expect with an Otoplasty

It’s Dr. Henstrom here with Utah Facial Plastics. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. We are getting a lot of calls about a common procedure that we perform. This is a time of the year for people to be looking into getting an otoplasty, otherwise known as an ear-pinning procedure, for themselves or… Read More »

Otoplasty Surgeon in SLC, Utah

Jessie: Where it appears at birth or by an accident a little later in life, protruding ears can be stressful for both kids and teens. Well, Dr. Henstrom from Utah Facial Plastics is here to tell us more about otoplasty. Dr. Henstrom, how does this help children who are self conscious? Dr. Henstrom: Well, unfortunately… Read More »

Otoplasty Sponsorship from Utah Facial Plastics

We’re so excited for our otoplasty sponsorship with Utah Facial Plastics! Dr. Henstrom is sponsoring one child or teenage with a complimentary otoplasty procedure value at nearly $4500. This includes the fee for surgery as well as the fees for anesthesia and facility if needing to be done in the operating room under general anesthesia.… Read More »

Ear Reconstruction Patient Review

I am writing this email to express the superb and extraordinary experience that I have had with Dr. Thompson and the associates at Utah Facial Plastics. Normally, I try not to seem overly cliché when expressing my appreciation for something, but quite literally, Dr. Thompson’s work changed my life. Throughout my entire life, my left… Read More »

In-Office Otoplasty Surgery at Utah Facial Plastics

What to expect with an in-office otoplasty procedure at Utah Facial Plastics. Dr. Thompson performs many otoplasty procedures in-office and in the OR with a total of six performed in the last 3 days alone. Patients are typically happy to know the procedure can be performed in the office to help them save by avoiding operating… Read More »

Benefits of Otoplasty Surgery on Good Things Utah

Utah’s Top Facial Plastic Surgeon Discusses The Benefits of Otoplasty Surgery on Good Things Utah with Nicea DeGering. “Dr. Scott Thompson joining us now from Utah Facial Plastics. This is my favorite plastic surgeon. I only trust my face to Dr. Thompson. And a lot of people trusting, including kids, their ears to you. There’s… Read More »

How Long Is Recovery from Ear-Pinning or Otoplasty Surgery?

Ear-pinning or otoplasty surgery can have a profound effect on one’s self confidence. Many children desire ear-pinning procedure after tiring of rude remarks from other children regarding their prominent or protruding ears. Boys often grow their hair long to cover their ears and girls are likely to avoid wearing their hair up or in a… Read More »

Is Otoplasty Right For You?

Deciding to undergo plastic surgery is not easy and should never be something one jumps in to without fully evaluating why they want plastic surgery and researching a qualified plastic surgeon. It can be especially difficult when the decision involves children, as otoplasty surgery often does. Otoplasty surgery involves reshaping and/or sculpting a patient’s ears… Read More »

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