Cases in Rhinoplasty Revision

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Revision Rhinoplasty by Dr. Henstrom

November 14, 2019

This patient had a previous nose surgery by another surgeon, rhinoplasty was revised to improve additional breathing concerns, refine nose and lift the tip. 6 months post surgery

Septorhinoplasty Revision by Dr. Thompson – 903

August 28, 2017

28 year- old female had nose and jaw surgery elsewhere in previous years. She presented with breathing and cosmetic concerns and received septorhinoplasty revision surgery with Dr. Thompson.

Surgical Procedures Patient 25400

This patient underwent rhinoplasty many years ago and was left with a “pollybeak” deformity, or an abnormal bump immediately above her nasal tip. This complication results when the nasal tip is inadequately supported following rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Thompson recommended revision rhinoplasty with support of the nasal tip and widening of the patient’s nasal airway. Following… Read More »

Surgical Procedures Patient 51975

This patient underwent aggressive reduction rhinoplasty and was left with a very small nose through which she was unable to breath, significant tip asymmetry, an over-rotated nose (points upward excessively), collapse of the nasal valves, an unnaturally lowered nasal bridge (“saddle nose deformity”), and a nose that no longer matched her face and tall frame.… Read More »

Surgical Procedures Patient 98921

Following nasal surgery many years ago, this patient was left with collapsed (pinched) nostrils, a convex nose, and a drooping tip. The collapsed nostrils detract from the definition of the tip. Following surgery, a more natural transition from the tip to the nostrils is apparent, the nasal profile is straight and strong, and most importantly,… Read More »

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